day school & drop-in child care

our culture

The Kaleidokids name serves as a metaphor for the culture we strive to uphold.

Kaleido is derived from the Greek roots:

  • kal – beautiful, good, worthy
  • eidos – to see a form; essence

Kaleidokids child care is about seeing the uniqueness and beauty in every person who walks through our front doors. As stated in Our Goals, we want to create a child care environment that recognizes and respects individuality and diversity… among our children, family members, educators and the Chicago community.

Children who know they are accepted and loved for who they are feel safe and secure to explore, to learn and to grow into confident, successful children… and adults! Family, educators and the community as a whole each play a vital role. The Kaleidokids team is honored to be a part of this journey and we take it very seriously.