day school & drop-in child care

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drop-in child care

  • kaleidokids provides flexible, hourly drop-in care for kids 6 weeks through 6 years
  • Drop-in spots are currently offered during the daytime hours, 7am – 6pm. We plan to extend drop-in hours to include evenings and weekends, as well as some holidays, but for now it’s only offered during the day
  • Parents need to provide all care-related items, including diapers, change of clothes, formula, etc.
  • For children eating table food: If the child arrives outside the classroom’s scheduled lunch time, the center will provide a snack to ensure the child’s needs are met. If the child is not hungry, s/he will not be forced to eat.
  • Parents purchase a package of hours and then book a drop-in session using our online calendar (Click here for details about the drop-in calendar)
  • Children who attend drop-in during the day will follow the “Daily Plan” of activities that we use for our Day School kids.
  • This is not a babysitting service. Our goal is to provide education and care while offering parents flexible, drop-in schedule options
    • Children are cared for by educators who exceed DCFS requirements for Lead/Assistant Teachers
    • Children who attend drop-in care will be provided with developmentally appropriate learning activities, in addition to free-choice play and outdoor time.
    • Group size and teacher-child ratios always follow DCFS standards, at a minimum
    • Health & safety requirements are strictly adhered to all day, every day
  • Each child who attends kaleidokids must follow the same enrollment process, regardless if full-time or drop-in, per DCFS and the Chicago Health Department. Please refer to the Drop-In Care Enrollment Checklist for details on what is required to enroll.
  • Please sign up via our call-back list and we’ll get in touch with you within 48-72 hours. Or email to request a tour.