day school & drop-in child care

more details to come!

about the drop-in calendar


  • A kaleidokids drop-in account is required to schedule drop-in care on the calendar
  • If you are new to kaleidokids, please visit us at the center. During your visit you will complete the following:

    Register your child as a member at the center (See Enrollment for details)

    Purchase a drop-in package (See Tuition, Rates, & Fees for more details on pricing, packages…and discounts!)

    We will provide you with log-in details for the online calendar so you can book future drop-in care for your child/ren

  • If your child is already a Day School member at kaleidokids, you don’t need to complete any more documentation. Please just visit the center to purchase a drop-in care package and to receive your log-in details for the online calendar.


  • In order to ensure teacher-child ratios are maintained, the online calendar will close at 7am the day before the next business day. (For example, in order to schedule your child for drop-in care on Saturday, you would need to register online before 7am Friday).
  • If the calendar is closed for the day you want to schedule, please just call the center directly and we will do our best to get you in.
  • If you need to cancel previously scheduled drop-in care, please ensure you go online to cancel by 7am the day before your scheduled time and your drop-in account will be credited the hours. If this deadline is missed, you will lose out on those hours/won’t be credited.
  • Drop-in care is scheduled for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 5 hours.
  • You will also receive a complete orientation, including all the specifics on our drop-in services, when you visit us at the center to register.